Adify Introduces Gay Ad Network


mouseclick.jpgYesterday, Adify Corporation announced the launch of its newest vertical advertising network, Gay Ad Network. Over two dozen independent publishing partners who represent over 200 web sites are involved in the network and offer advertisers an unprecedented reach into the online gay community.

Gay Ad Network provides a consolidation of current and larger offering for burgeoning, gay web sites that have traditionally been fragmented over the net. With an annual growth rate of 33% over the past five years, the network is helping advertisers monetize on a highly profitable and relatively untapped market.

Launch partners within the network include, a health and fitness site for gay men;, a social networking service for gays and lesbians; OutSports, a gay sports community; a gay parenting network, as well as many entertainment sites amongst others.

Mark Elderkin, president of PlanetOut, Inc., and CEO and founder of founded Gay Ad Network. It is experts like Mark that are a testament not only to the network’s impending success, but Adify’s professionalism in connecting advertisers with experienced and trustworthy experts in their respected fields.

Elderkin stated the need for the network in a release put out by Adify, “Independent Web publishers have been successful in creating great quality content and attracting loyal and passionate audiences, but they have been less effective in attracting national advertisers due to their limited individual size. By developing content-rich marketing programs that span our aggregated audience, we can provide unique marketing vehicle for our advertising partners.”

The fact that the network offers 100% transparency will be a selling point to advertisers. This ensures a campaign will be most effective because the placement of ads will be known to the publisher.

Harris Interactive/Witeck-Combs Communications reported that 64% of gay Americans are more likely to buy products marketed to them through gay media. DoubleClick also reported that 68% of gay web users are between the ages of 18-34, are usually from higher educational backgrounds, have well-paying jobs and have an increase in discretionary income as opposed to the average American.

With Adify’s network management services, Gay Ad Network is capable of delivering efficient and reliable services to their advertisers and publishers.


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