YouTube Goes To Washington


patent11.jpgTonight is a historic evening as the very first of two Presidential debates sponsored by CNN and YouTube are scheduled to air. The questions that will be asked are all from user submissions on

The debate tonight is for the Democrats and will air for two hours starting at 7 p.m. EST. The next one will air on September 17th for the Republicans. Anderson Cooper has been slated to moderate and is reported to offer between 20 and 30 questions.

In an elaborate campaign that equally advertises CNN, YouTube, and parent company Google, the debate will feature geographical locations of questioners on Google Earth maps; and oversized projector screens streaming questions by visitors to the site.

CNN has been advertising for the debate with video clips from of American citizens submitting questions. Health care and the economy have been the most popular topics of choice for questions including: How are you going to make healthcare more affordable? and What are you going to do about the value of the dollar?

Another effort put forth by YouTube for the impending race was YouChoose ’08 which allowed visitors to vote on various candidates’ video channels.

This night brings a new awareness of the integration of the internet as the standard for information, advertisement, and entertainment across the globe and its influence on our daily lives.


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