Yahoo Speaks: Click Fraud Not So High


worried2.jpgClick Forensics had put out a report recently that stated that click fraud was at an all-time high at 15.8% the internet over. Well this report is getting some backlash from an InfoWorld story that states transparency and accurate math may have been lacking on the part of the advertisers and the ad networks.

The original report said that click fraud went from 21.9% to 25.6% between Q1 and Q2 of this year within pay-per-click networks including Google and Yahoo.

Spokespeople for Yahoo have called click fraud a “top priority” and challenge the accusations by Click Forensics that the company is not doing much to prevent such things. VP of marketplace quality for Yahoo Reggie Davis was quoted as saying that “Yahoo is also actively pursuing numerous new quality initiatives that provide advertisers with more control over and visibility into the quality of their traffic.” He added, “We’ve recently launched new features and functionality for advertiser, like quality-based pricing and enhanced geo-targeting tools, and we plan to introduce additional controls like domain blocking in the coming months.”

He also said that only 12-15% of traffic has been identified as being click fraud which Yahoo does not bill their advertisers for.

Google has been vocal in their query over the math used to find the results in the report. Google released a statement that said, “It is also worth noting that in all of 2007, only two advertisers have contacted us regarding click fraud data from Click Forensics, and in both cases, we found that the suspicious activity was not charged-for in the first place.”

While Click Forensics, Yahoo and Google all stand by their views, many critics still say that the giants can do more to monitor the increasing click fraud rate.


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