vComm Continues Contextual Revolution


stormtrooper.jpgBroadband Enterprises is joining the contextual advertising trend with the launch of vComm, a platform that will allow advertisers and publishers to exchange contextually relevant video ad inventory. Advertisers can purchase contextually relevant video ad inventory through AdSense, and publishers can monetize text and video based content.

While several other companies (Right Media, Atlas and DoubleClick) are developing similar services, Broadband states that it is the first company create a platform whose main focus is video advertising.

Some of the clients testing out the platform include Beyond Interactive, Proctor & Gamble, and OMD. Matt Wasserlauf, chief executive officer of Broadband Enterprises realizes, “The whole industry’s obviously moving in this direction, but it’s nice to be the first.”

vComm follows right in step with Vindico, Broadband’s video ad serving platform that was launched two months ago. Vindico gives advertisers and agencies control over the assignment, deployment and scheduling of both banner and video ads throughout broadband networks. This includes Broadband Enterprises’ own network which will give advertisers the ability to self-manage campaigns.

Wasserlauf predicts that should the exchange be successful, the platform could claim 10%-20% of the company’s revenue in the next year. Broadband Enterprises is another company making its way to the front of the video syndication market. It is too early to tell, but the flow of the market is looking like the smaller companies could still make a major impression on the industry yet.


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