Surround Sessions Attract Blue Lithium and Isobar


podcasting1.jpgPersonal Life Media, a podcast network, has created a partnership with an ad insertion company called Podbridge. Together, the companies will offer advertisers a new ad format called “Surround Sessions”. This format adds mid-roll to post- and pre-roll video and audio spots.

The network has extended the availability of “Surround Sessions” to be included in all of its weekly 30-minute podcasts. The podcasts have increased to 16 hanks to the addition of “DishyMix”. DishyMix is an interview show that focuses on digital marketing and media player and is hosted by CEO Susan Bratton. Having moved is not the only new development with the show. Two new advertisers have been added to DishyMix’s roster including Blue Lithium and Aegis Group’s Isobar.

Another advertiser using surround Sessions is the Omega Institute which sponsors four lifestyle shows on Personal Life, which target the socially conscious adult.

Blue Lithium ad packages will contain 20-second pre- and post-roll, and 30-second mid-roll. The lengths can vary, but this will be the standard sample package for the company.


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