Social Network Is King Of The World


buddyweiser.jpgAccording to Ipsos Insight’s annual study “The Face of the Web,” it seems that although the U.S. leads the world in online video, social networking is more popular in South Korea, Brazil, China and Mexico (in that order), before the U.S. The dominance of social networks globally is also confirmed to be a reason for expansion worldwide by site such as YouTube and MySpace.

The figures showed that about 20% of users the world over had been on a social networking site in the past month, however 55% was the number for Korea while 24% was the stats for the U.S.

The social juggernaut in South Korea is Cyworld, which has 18 million members. That’s about 30% of the entire population of the country.

Brian Cruikshank, executive vice president and managing director of Ipsos’ Technology & Communications practice claims that the numbers are particularly noteworthy “when one considers the various ways for users to interact with others using these sites, such as online chat, text messaging, email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups, and so on.”

Ipsos also found that online video use is increasing worldwide as well, but mostly in developed markets. Cruikshank continued, “Where homes are saturated with televisions and DVD players, video content is a predominant part of consumers’ daily lives. The PC will begin to really assert itself as a ‘second screen’ within the household.”

The report showed that the global figure of video stream views was 34% in the past month up from 31%. Yet, while video grows, online music is deteriorating. According to the results of the study the percentage of downloaded music files, and online radio streams utilized accounted for 1% less than last year at 43%(files) and 51%(streams).

Surveys were conducted in November and December of 2006 in urban areas of Brazil, Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea and the U.S.



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