RSS Ads Promote Videos – What Next?


kangaroo.jpgTurnHere and Pheedo have partnered to distribute branded video content by RSS into ad divisions on the Pheedo network. TurnHere is an online video platform and production firm. Pheedo is a feed-based ad company.

TurnHere, a video production and distribution company, has been working hard with clients in manufacturing affordable videos for placement. Pheedo is utilizing TurnHere’s resources and together they are creating an ad network and RSS-facilitated ad division titled FeedPowered Advertising. These are used to update existing placements by advertisers with image and text based information in real-time.

Videos will not play within the ads; the ads will actually provide a preview that there is new video content on the web sites of TurnHere’s clients. Vice president of marketing and founder of Pheedo Bill Flitter stated, “Every time a new video is uploaded to the site, the ad unit automatically updates with the latest content.”

Flitter continued, “We tie everything together with a deep analysis on user behavior.” RSS platforms will track video viewing results such as links coming from search engines and interaction rates according to Flitter.

The first project has been developed for publishers Simon & Schuster which will offer video spotlights of authors in TurnHere’s signature documentary style, but will be used to promote the authors’ new works.


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