Online Goldrush As Hollywood Strikes


filmstrip.jpgThere is a scramble in Hollywood to produce as much television and film as possible before the spring of next year. The energy is similar to the bomb scares in the 60’s as contracts expire for actors, directors and writers, and there is growing coverage of an impending strike.

However there is one industry that stands to benefit astronomically from a strike and that is digital media. People will be turning to the web for entertainment and advertising more and more depending on the length of the strike which could be a silver-platter opportunity for advertisers should they take up the torch and start planning now.

Ross Levinsohn, former Fox Interactive Media President stated at the Hollywood Radio and TV Society’s luncheon that, “The only place where a strike is good is interactive business. The ability to create and distribute programming across the internet and mobile is as simple as point-and-shoot.”

There is concern still about online media quality. NBCU co-chairman Marc Graboff stated at the luncheon, “There are only so many cats flushing a toilet that you can watch.”

It is up to companies to secure their arsenal with rich media ads, target ads, relevant and engaging content to hook a larger number of viewers that will be flooding the net come spring. Should everything be put into place, companies may have a growth boom that hasn’t been seen since the birth of the internet.


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