Mobile Ad Market Gives Gaming The Eye?


spying2.jpgWith over two billion mobile users around the world, set to double to four billion over the next five years, mobile advertising is set to become a tremendous market with a reach that surpasses the Internet.

Effective mobile marketing campaigns fully embrace the mobile medium. To be most effective, mobile ads need to be placed in an unobtrusive manner and, most importantly, relevant to users. Mobile In-Game Advertising is one such area which provides these benefits.

In a recent survey of US Consumer Wireless Usage conducted by Sprint, one-third of respondents said that they wanted to play games on their phones. Sprint cited strong interest in mobile gaming from both casual and active gamers with certain active gamers spending close to 2,000 hours of game play on puzzle games alone!

Adoption of Mobile gaming in emerging markets is even greater as dedicated console and portable gaming systems (such as Nintendo’s Game Boy, among others) are often priced out of the reach of an average consumer. The latest report by Global Industry Analysts predicted that the global mobile gaming market will cross $20 billion by 2010, representing a compound annual growth rate of 58 percent!

If these stats are still not convincing, consider that mobile gaming is a highly engaging and interactive experience, one which requires and compels users to focus their attention on their phone and interact with the gaming environment. By embedding an advertisement within this experience, brands are virtually assured of getting their message across in an effective and engaging way. 

At Hovr, we have seen the average mobile gaming ad campaign garnering a 7-8 percent click-through rate – that’s approximately four times more effective than generic mobile banner ads and an order of magnitude more effective than banner advertising on the Internet. Ad relevance is the key to effective marketing in mobile and with in-game ads, advertisers can target users based on game genres, demographic profiles, as well as the standard country, carrier, phone model targeting which mobile marketing offers.

Mobile gaming is a large market and with this tremendous reach, the opportunity for brands to engage their users within a mobile gaming environment is very attractive.


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