Microsoft Gets In The Online Apps Games


steelers11.jpgDuring an annual meeting with financial analysts, executives from Microsoft proceeded to describe how the company is planning to alleviate the pressure from competing companies such as Google, who have been detracting from Microsoft’s profits by offering free web-based applications.

The firm has started to lay the ground work for a transition that will turn it into a software services company. They will be adding internet-based features to Excel and Office that resemble those offered by Google.

Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer spoke to the New York Times about the plans and said, “We’re moving toward a world of software plus services.”

Ballmer expressed his doubts about Google’s confidence that most applications will eventually be housed online. He adds that people will never fully be comfortable with the migration of software to “the cloud,” (the term for software and hardware that is accessed by the internet).

He ended by saying, “People tend to get weird and extreme about this. Does everything move to the cloud? I think that is wrong-minded.”


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