LG Makes Filmmaking Mobile


director.jpgBy the end of this year, iPhone and VCast will not be the only YouTube enabled handsets available. LG is developing a new model that will have direct access to YouTube and will preview this fall in Europe.

The technology will give users the ability to shoot, view and upload videos onto YouTube from their phones just as they would on their PCs. Also, videos on the site will be easily viewable.

Phones are anticipated to go worldwide by the end of the year according to LG Electronics CEO Skott Ahn.

This announcement is an expansion of the relationship between LG electronics and Google. Other LG phones have Google software pre-installed, and access to other Google services. On other LG handsets however, Yahoo applications are offered.

This move is seen to potentially increase what is being called “citizen journalism” from cell phone users who will upload their news onto YouTube. This is also sure to provide more space that can be utilized by advertisers who want to directly target their audience.



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