Kiss And Tell: WikiYou Gets Personal


lips1.jpgIf you love Wikipedia, you may want to check out the newest wiki-based site launching soon entitled WikiYou. It is being described as the “wikipedia for people” according to a TechCrunch review, however this program may be a little suspect to users.

The focus of the site will be on stories and biographies about people with features that are common on most other social networking sites. However, the difference with this site is that the profile section which has stories about a person may be edited by anyone. That’s right. ANYONE. founders Aaron Cohen and Jay Gould started WikiYou and raised $500,000 for funding. A percentage of the company is owned by in exchange for its services.

There has not been enough information released as of yet that informs the public how postings will be monitored to maintain some form of privacy. There will need to be precautions taken by the site to a certain degree with the new privacy crack down coming onto the internet. Sources deemed reliable have stories that go to the top of the page and everything else is underneath. 

As more and more sites are popping up leveraging the Wiki concept and content it is attracting more audience eyeballs and advertising impressions from traditional one to many content sites. Various research studies indicate that audiences are moving rapidly away from transitional content sources towards user generated content. If this trend continues advertisers will need to figure out how to effectively make the shift.


  1. […] Since its launch three weeks ago, WikiYou has gotten a lot of press coverage.  Some have voiced concerns over privacy and libel issues.  While others have said we’re “sticking it to Wikipedia’s anti-liable standards“.  One story was even titled “Kiss and Tell – WikiYou gets Personal“. […]


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