Have You Been Hit By “The Facebook Effect”?


lotto1.jpgQuantcast has put out a report that claims the new added widgets on Facebook have shot the traffic of the publishers who built and deployed them through the roof.

The company, who measures Internet audiences, says in the report that the main benefit shown by this example is that widget production can drive traffic. They are officially labeling the increase “The Facebook Effect.”

Two companies, Quantcast and Nielsen have both introduced widget-tracking services for advertisers who continue to produce them. Although Facebook does not currently take a profit from the various developers, there is still testing going on to clarify the quantifiable benefits from widget-making.
Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Quantcast was quoted in saying, “There are revenue-sharing models emerging that take care of the widget creators, the application hosts, an even the content publishers. Ultimately, the economic balance will be worked out.”

“The Facebook Effect” has been undeniable for a few companies already. HOTorNOT saw a 98% increase in U.S. traffic after applying an attractiveness rating on Facebook. The site’s viewership went from 180,000 to over 350,000 daily. A slideshow application company called Slide.com went from 312,000 to over 1 million –a 256% increase of unique users daily only six weeks after launching a widget on Facebook.


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