CrackBerry Syndrome On Its Way To China


chinaflag.jpgAccording to a New York Times article, the Canadian telecommunications and technology development company, Research In Motion or RIM, who is responsible for the extremely popular BlackBerry has received clearance to sell the device in China.

This has been an effort of more than eight years in the making. The company says it is completing the delivery of its product to several Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Research in Motion’s co-chief executive, James L. Balsillie, speaking last week on a conference call with analysts, said the company planned to serve corporate customers and had already received 5,000 advance orders.

A manager in R.I.M.’s Beijing office was quoted Wednesday in The Globe and Mail newspaper as saying R.I.M. expected to start selling its 8700g handset in Chinese shops at the end of next month and had already received 5,000 advance orders.

Mr. Balsillie said the company planned to increase BlackBerry awareness in China. The BlackBerry already sells in the other large Asian markets of India and Japan.

R.I.M., based in Waterloo, Ontario, said BlackBerry subscriber accounts grew 1.2 million during the first quarter for a total of 9.2 million- a 73% increase on the previous quarter.

It remains to be seen if the CrackBerry syndrome that has spread across the major financial centers of North America, will cross the Pacific Ocean along with the device.


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