Blackout Of Major S.F. Firms


lightning.jpgLate on Tuesday there was a power outage in San Francisco. This might not seem like news since California tends to experience this in the summer for some reason, but the outage happened to affect many bigger internet businesses which went down for several hours. Companies such as Second Life, Craigslist and Live Journal were among those affected.

Executive at Technorati, Derek Gordon said, “It was right in the middle of the U.S. workday, so it was very bad for us. It exposed a larger vulnerability. If this could happen to such a collection of major websites, what would happen if this was part of a major catastrophe? This was sort of a wake-up call.” The company happened to be up shortly losing power from 1:50 to 3 p.m.

365 Main Inc.’s VP of marketing Miles Kelly said that the company immediately switched to back-up power, but their customer base was knocked out for the better part of the afternoon. 365 Main Inc. is a firm that many internet businesses use to backup their data.


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