Accolades For Microsoft’s Safety


spyvspy.jpgMicrosoft announced this week that it will be joining the Network Advertising Initiative(NAI) and offer consumers the capability to choose to not receive target ads later this year when the company starts offering third-party ad serving.

COO of 360i, Jonathan Ragals commends the firm for their action saying that this should not be a major blow to the advertising industry and just makes sense for better business. He was quoted to say, “For consumers it’s a trade-off between being served information that’s potentially more relevant to you versus having control over your privacy and information.”

Third-party ad networks will not be served at Microsoft until the acquisition of aQuantive is closed. Microsoft will continue the trend set forth by Google in making personal data anonymous after a year and a half by removing the IP address, cookies and any other identifiers.

Director of privacy strategy for Microsoft Brendon Lynch said, “Something we recognize is that customers [need to be] in control of the collection of their personal information. They need o be able to trust us. I think there’s been a lot more discussion recently about privacy issues and we saw this as a good opportunity to evolve our policy.”

This is another step to creating an industry-wide standard for privacy protection.


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