Users Landing On Shakey Ground


slipnfall.jpgSilverpop, an email services company, studied 150 email marketing campaigns and found some interesting results:

35% of landing pages studied didn’t have the same look or tone of the email that generated the click.

45% of landing pages didn’t repeat the promotional copy found in the email.

“Landing pages with images and messaging matching the emails that generated initial interest are better able to reinforce the brand and move email recipients from clicking to converting,” said Elaine O’Gorman, vice president of strategy, Silverpop.

35% of the landing pages didn’t include an opt-in option. It is common knowledge that opt-in is essential for obtaining new information not already in a company’s database.

O’Gorman wisely commented, “The time and effort taken to optimize landing pages will be returned many times in customer loyalty, improved conversion rates and higher return-on-investment.”

Improved sales results due to email marketing campaigns are the obvious goal for advertisers and the companies who employ them. And following the advice of those who scrutinize the effectiveness of those campaigns seems a plausible way to get the job done. Why reinvent the wheel, when the work has already been proven?


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