Fox Videos Online Thanks To Brightcove


vcr11.jpgFox Entertainment Group (FEG) has partnered up with Brightcove, to provide each FOX network and studio the ability to program and host ad-supported Internet video sites and consumer media campaigns.

“Brightcove’s tools and services enable us to quickly and easily deploy broadband video on our network Web sites while retaining control over the quality, brand experience, and monetization of our content,” said David Baron, vice president of Fox digital media.

Some of the many Fox properties included in this new program are Speed, FX Network and Fox Broadcasting. Not only is this an opportunity for Fox networks to share content online with viewers, but it also provides advertisers with a large, varied inventory to choose from according to Baron.

In addition to this, Brightcove will allow for user-generated content and consumer video-sharing. FEG properties will be able to review and recruit user submitted videos and potentially add them to their individual sites. Fox also said in their statement that each channel is adopting Brightcove at their speed.

Adam Berrey, vice president of marketing and strategy for Brightcove, added that although Brightcove will provide the platform, Fox is responsible for ad sales. Berrey expressed that the market will only benefit from the addition of Fox online video. It is the “high quality inventory that the advertising community has been looking for,” said Berrey.


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