AOL News Gives Power To The People


keys2.jpgAOL News jumped on the bandwagon this week by launching a new blog site that will be focused on interactive features such as user generated content including polls and shared material. This will encourage increased viewership that has become heavily dependent on the amount of control a user has over design and editorial content.

With the intention to appeal to online news consumers, the company “believes[s] that AOL News will set the standard for other major online news sites,” according to Lewis D’Vorkin, AOL News and sports senior vice president.

However, other news sites have already gotten the ball rolling. The New York Times and USA Today have already implemented social features and reported a jump of close to 400% in online registration since the beginning of this year.

The layout will represent the new metric with multiple columns on the main news page. The center column will have the updated news stories and top editorials delivered blog-style. There will also be photos, polls and video embedded in this column. The left side will have more of the user submitted news, most-commented-on and most popular stories.

This will leave options open for advertising on news sites to resemble the rich media ads popping up all over other kinds of interactive domains.


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