The 50/50 hopes to gain 100% of an Emmy


yahoosearchlight2.jpgNBC Universal Television Studio will use online ad space to bolster marketing of Emmy worthy shows this season. The Hollywood studio obviously recognises the power online ad space has to increase awareness of popular cultural happenings. They call the space “The 50/50” because it provides marketers with half of the real estate available on an online page.

Ken Grayson, Senior Media Director, The NBC Agency said, “This new unit gives us a compelling way to cut through the clutter and raise awareness of our shows, especially during this peak Emmy season. We are pleased to be first to embrace this new format.”

“This new ad unit provides the real estate of print with the interactivity of digital,” said Michael Laur, Vice President, Global
Digital Sales and Business Development, Nielsen Business Media.

He went on to say, “we created the 50/50 to provide advertisers with a new canvas to market their shows, movies and products in an uncluttered environment adjacent to full text stories. Our relationship with our readers comes first and we established guidelines to ensure this new banner size would not detract from or intrude upon their experience. It is the only display ad to appear on the page, providing marketers with a high-degree of exclusivity, engagement and interaction with our audience.”

The 50/50 is fully customizable and can be segmented along the page to include multiple video clips, blogs, and redirects for more information all in one unit. Similar to full-site and section takeovers, marketers enjoy 100% share of advertising voice. It is the only ad that will appear on the page along side the content and runs the full screen, ensuring it is viewed for the entire duration of the reader’s session which can last several minutes.

It is being unveiled with The Hollywood Reporter as part of a larger initiative during peak Emmy consideration season. The NBC Universal Television Studio ads will include embedded clips of select NBC shows and drive traffic to portals, including The Hollywood Reporter’s “For Your Consideration Network/Studio Showcase,” where visitors can read synopsis, view scenes and download screensavers of episodes. The URL for the portal is

The 50/50 is slated to roll out to other Nielsen Business Media properties later this summer including Billboard, Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek.


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