ADOTAS Acquired by New York Publishing Group Inc.


It was announced today that New York Publishing Group (NYPG) has purchased Adotas, an advertising industry website and newsletter.. NYPG, lead by industry veteran and columnist Robert Regular, is a new and innovative publishing company focused on online content and events. Pesach Lattin, founder of Adotas and CEO of professional interactive advertising agency Vizi|Media, made the announcement this morning.
NYPG acquired Adotas as its first step in the creation of new and exciting online advertising news and features, dedicated to going beyond the obvious and providing advertising professionals with a resource that will help them learn and grow. This also affords NYPG the opportunity to create an open community of events that are more focused and reflective of the needs of online advertising professionals. To this end, NYPG has also appointed Jason Jaramillo as Editor and General Manager of Adotas.
“This is a very exciting opportunity for me and the team to connect to online advertising professionals and develop truly valuable and meaningful content and community,” said Robert Regular, CEO of New York Publishing Group. “After nearly ten years of building and working with companies in online advertising, I feel a connection with what professionals are looking for and am excited to work with everyone on the improvement and growth of Adotas.”
“After six years of publishing interactive advertising publications, I have decided that it is time to focus 100-percent on Vizi|Media and our growing business,” said Lattin. “I’m incredibly proud of what we were able to build with Adotas and have the utmost confidence that Robert Regular and his team will maintain and build upon our success.”


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