Marchex Partners With Fox On Spanish Language Web Sites


rubikscube.jpgMarchex has said it paid $10 million in cash for their Spanish-language sites.

Marchex has partnered with Fox’sLatin American Channels division to create Spanish-language content for web sites owned by the media firm. This partnership is moving Marchex closer to achieving global internet goals.This new effort will reachan estimate of over 88 million Spanish-speaking internet users globally in the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Central andSouth America, as well as other countries around the world.

Marchex has a partnership with Yahoo to handle its domestic holdings. Many of the sites in the Spanish-language classification will run ads served by Google, or sold directly by Marchex.

The content follows Marchex’s local and contextual relevance formula, which lends itself to advertising and search engine optimization. Searches on localized Google sites return such general domains at (greeting cards) or (pets) high in organic listings. Other domains include,,, and which will have content fed to the sites from Fox’s Latin America Channels division from existing channels including Fox Toma 1, Utilisima, Fox, Fox Sports, Fox News, Speed Channel, and MyFox.


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