Facebook’s New Look


adotas_small_01.jpgFacebook has launched a new platform to give advertisers another level of free access to its 24 million users. This is going to be done by providing them with the ability to write applications that can be shared from person to person on the network.

3 of the 65 new business partners in the venture are Microsoft, Amazon and Obama for America. Companies range in activity from sofware developers to energy drink makers.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We’re providing integration and distribution; you guys are providing great applications, and together we can help share more information and both benefit.”

He added, “You can build a real advertising business off of Facebook, especially with all the distribution you get on the Social Graph. You get to keep all of the revenue, and you don’t even have to send people off the site to process the transactions,” said Zuckerberg. “You can run ads or you can run transactions, and we encourage both. This is good for us too, because if you are building good applications, that’s helping our users.”

For example, Amazon is launching a book reviews application to allow users to share information on their favorite reads.

Russ Grandinetti, VP of Amazon, said, “One of the things that our companies share is a passion for the communities that we serve. Some of the earliest Web community things we built because we were just trying to do the right thing for our readers.”

Facebook has certainly been gaining ground on the leader of the pack, MySpace, and with the introduction of this new platform hopes to increase the size and scope of its membership. An interesting dynamic of social networking is changing how marketers can reach their target demographic. And Facebook’s new platform is another exploration of the emerging online community.


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