CheckM8 Launches AdVantage 2.0


readingpaper.jpgCheckM8, which provides advanced technologies for ad serving and rich media to the online advertising industry, today announced that it has launched AdVantage 2.0 featuring significant improves in its two-year old ad serving platform.

“Unlike most ad serving technology that was developed back in the mid-90’s when Internet advertising was at its infancy, AdVantage was developed for publishers and with publishers and released in 2005 to solve today’s needs of web publishers,” says Dana Ghavami, President & CEO, CheckM8, Inc. “The second generation AdVantage 2.0 is built on top of a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure for improved performance of continued growth and is now a truly great and more advanced product than any offered by the competition.”

Here is a summary of improvements to AdVantage 2.0.

Inventory forecasting: In addition to existing capabilities which include forecasts based on 3 months of historical data, special days, trends and cleaning out spikes and valleys, CheckM8 added the ability to forecast 12 months into the future (which no ad server can do) and improved the forecasting algorithms to give publishers an even more precise forecast of their available inventory.

Enhanced Video Pre-roll Support: AdVantage 2.0 now has built-in pre-roll video capabilities which provide the ability to create, traffic and serve pre-roll video directly from AdVantage, without the need for any third party video vendor. AdVantage also supports pre-roll ads from all third-party vendors.

Insertion Order Management: AdVantage was the first ad server to provide a built-in insertion order creation module. In version 2.0, CheckM8 added the ability to customize various fields of the IO and to automatically email insertion orders to clients from within the user interface.

Campaign Updates: AdVantage 2.0 reduces the time that takes for new campaigns and campaign changes to get pushed onto the servers. Campaign update rate is now below two minutes down from 5-15 minutes.

Reporting: CheckM8 created a new and improved reporting interface and added several dozen new reports which include graphs and charts as well as ad network reports which can show revenue and revenue share on the ad network and its partner sites.

“Unlike other ad serving companies which are trying to sell one product to two different types of customers and markets (publishers vs. advertisers), CheckM8’s is tailored for the needs of leading brand publishers,” adds Mr. Ghavami.

CheckM8 ( offers the online advertising industry the most advanced new approaches and cutting edge technologies for ad serving, inventory management, and rich media. CheckM8’s products help increase efficiency and expand the growth of web publishers. CheckM8 technology is used by leading online publishers including Business Week, Nielsen, Orange, Terra Networks, Time Inc., Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, among many others. CheckM8 is based in NY, with offices in London, Madrid, Stockholm and R&D facilities in Israel.


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