Adknowledge Cracks 20 Search Engine Mark


printpress2.jpgAdknowledge advertisers now get traffic from twenty search engines in their marketplace, in addition to traffic from banner and email advertising. Adknowledge is among the few networks that join together a collection of search engines under one roof, eliminating the complexity advertisers normally face in managing traffic on so many small search engines. Fraud, click variability, and volatility are eliminated from these sources through Click Scoring Technology, one of the latest breakthroughs released by the company.Scott Lynn, Chief Executive Officer, notes “By aggregating 20 search engines for our advertisers, we provide a one-stop shop for companies looking to expand their advertising beyond Google and Yahoo. Our targeting technology allows us to provide traffic from quality sources and avoid the volatile, fraudulent areas of many second tier search engines.”Relying on advanced targeting technology, fraud detection algorithms and end user traffic analysis, Click Scoring Technology helps Adknowledge’s advertisers precisely pinpoint individual users most likely to convert within a specific category. Clicks that have a low probability of converting for an advertiser are disregarded by the system and the advertiser is not charged. Advertisers using the BidSystem (at, Adknowledge’s ad marketplace, are only charged for the highest quality clicks.



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