YuMe Inserts Ads into Downloaded Video


Video advertising startup YuMe Networks has launched the first campaign using a new system that inserts ads into video downloaded off of the BitTorrent network. Downloads of this type are usually available as either free paid downloads, both static. But YuMe’s system lets marketers inject ads and report how often they are viewed.

The first company to give the system a go is video game publisher Eidos Interactive. Ads for Eidos’s upcoming Lara Croft Tomb Raider game will be inserted into video from G4, a television network for gamers, available on the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. Eidos will be able to target the ads geographically, customize them on-the-fly, and even update them in content that has already been downloaded.

“The combination of our extensive user base, worldwide content relationships and powerfully efficient distribution model, is enabling a rapid shift toward free, ad—supported content,” said BitTorrent president Ashwin Navin in a statement.

YuMe is still experimenting with price points and will be using its “view-through” metric to figure out how many people are viewing the ads and exactly how much to charge advertisers.



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