Touts Citizen Journalism, Becomes


News search site has added a new feature which will allow users and readers to contribute news stories to its content. Co-owned by U.S. newspaper publishers Gannett, McClatchy, and Tribune Co., the website will begin its search for users to report local news, which is usually not covered, or not covered enough.

Topix will give internet users who are registered on the website news posting access and allow readers to receive information and local news stories. Advertisers will also benefit with the specific target market available from this new feature.

“Citizen Journalists” are welcomed from their communities to join the Topix open directory and can either post news while other editors will be selected to help moderate our forums working under the Topix editorial guideline.

According to Reuters, Topix co-founder and Chief Executive Rich Skrenta’s idea for this feature was inspired by his wife’s efforts to build support for a mayoral candidate in their hometown of San Carlos, California.

“They’ve created a container, or culture, where it’s possible to really see if it will work,” Sterling Market Intelligence analyst Greg Sterling noted.

Topix will also be changing its web address to .com, instead of .net in preparation for the new feature and due to spam concerns. “Some people thought we were spammers. Some people thought it was cold and technical,” Skrenta said.


  1. This sounds a lot like–a site that is city/neighborhood specific and uses citizen journalists to contribute the news. Also, advertisers can focus on a specific area. has been around for at least a couple years. So I do not believe this is some radical new idea as the chief exec reports.


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