The Co-Reg Comeback: How the Online Ad Marketplace Can Turn Old into New


Sometimes what was old becomes new again; I’ve noticed this with co-registration as a form of advertising.

A few years back co-registration was hot, and then it died down a bit, because some advertising channels did not want to share leads, the advertisers didn’t really share leads, and they didn’t like the idea that their campaign was listed on a page with several other campaigns. In essence they didn’t want to share the space.

Sadly, little by little, co-reg became a quiet phrase.

For those of you not familiar with co-registration, co-reg is a quick way to build your database/list. Co-registration can build your mailing list or generate leads fairly quick, quicker than some banner campaigns. The leads or subscribers generated are legitimate because they have to opt-in to your service, newsletter, subscription, etc.

Some popular co-registration sites are:
The Useful

Also, a good amount of top Affiliate Networks will run co-reg campaigns as well, just need to speak to your Account Rep to find out if they will entertain a co-reg campaign.

When speaking to your rep let them know what type of co-reg offer it is, meaning is it a link out or a hosting offer.

If the offer is a link out, this means the link can be inserted into the sites co-reg path.
If the offer can be hosted, this means they (the site) rebuild the required form/landing page to post the leads.

A Co-reg path is generally a page that the advertisers share in order for the publisher to generate revenue from more than one co-reg offer. With a bit of coding know how or enlist a programmer, they can help create a co-reg path for you.

Now in 2007 I have noticed co-reg making a hot comeback. Almost every day for the past few months, I receive emails asking if we have any co-reg campaigns; or if we can run this or that co-reg campaign. I found this intriguing and wondered why it has comeback so strong; therefore I interviewed a top Account Executive at a well known Affiliate Network (this person wants to remain anonymous so we’ll call him Mr. Reg.) I asked Mr. Reg a few questions to get the Account Exec point of view:

Q. Mr. Reg do you feel co-reg is making a comeback?
A. From what I have seen so far in this industry co-reg is still strong. I have noticed that more and more people in this industry are doing co-reg.

Q. Why do you feel it is becoming more popular again?
A. It is becoming more popular because it is an easy way to trap a lot of data for your database.

Q. As an Account Rep how do you convince your clients to use co-reg as their form of advertising?
A. Usually if an affiliate is running co-reg and I have an offer they agree to do a small test.

Q. Do you feel co-reg will succeed better this time around?
A. I feel it would succeed especially if you position it the right way. It is really a way to start a list and build your database.

Q. Is co-reg an easier way to advertise or more intensive?
A. From what I have seen easier. Some affiliates can have your offer in a path within a couple of hours.

I know from an Affiliate Network point of view, we currently have co-reg offers for our partners and publishers to run. We are also looking to create our own co-reg path, because it is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of co-reg and grow with the industry.

And co-reg is very affordable. Although there are offers out there that may offer $18.00 per co-reg lead, you can still get in on building your list with smaller co-reg sites or directly with some publishers that run co-reg for a lesser dollar amount.

Be armed as a client, when discussing your advertising campaign, ask “What is co-reg and how can I do a small test?” It never hurts to try new things out, who knows co-reg could turn out to be the best thing for your campaign and advertising budget.


  1. For many advertisers, the competition of utilizing co-registration is not cost effective. If; for example, an advertiser does not have a rapid-response call center, by the time they follow-up on leads the consumers have already opted for the product/service of a competitor in the co-registration network.

    To solve that problem; yet still give affiliates the power of collecting leads directly via their own websites, Pulsar Marketing launched a network called “Form Ads” ( With this method, advertisers receive leads exclusively and instantly, using their current lead capture forms remotely hosted on affiliate websites which target their demographics.

  2. I am the president for NEOVIZION, Inc. I have worked with Robin over the last year and Synervation in the last 2 months. I have had great success using their co-reg system to develop leads for my company. Very professional and on the ball.

  3. […] Robin Stanton from Adotas has an interesting article on Co-registration and how it might be coming back into favor. I found this interesting as I have been looking into this market and trying to learn the in’s and out’s. […]

  4. I agree with Robin’s comments that co-registation is picking up steam as advertisers realize that this can be an effective marketing channel. In many cases, a database can be built fairly quickly and more cost effectively than other channels.

    Please feel to contact me with any additional questions!

  5. Co-registration data when used properly can monetize beyond people’s wildest imaginations but there needs to be advertising accountability and transparency. With major isp’s heavily filtering email transactions and moving progressively more in that direction, the industry really needs to get up to speed on how to work within acceptable parameters.

  6. Coreg can be an excellent source of leads. You are always going to have good and bad leads with coreg campaigns but the important issue is whether it backs out to the cost per conversion metrics you need it to. The major area of concern with coreg leads is always going to be quality.

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