PowerReviews Launches Buzzillions.com


After a 4-month private beta period, Buzzillions.com has officially been launched by PowerReviews. The online customer review provider’s consumer research portal currently houses 140,000 reviews on 45,000 products ranging from sports gear to appliances, to digital equipment. Buzzillions.com will provide users with information from other users, using a “buzz” approach to helping other shoppers find the right products.

Every product on the site is accompanied by a review posted by customers that have purchased and/or used the product alongside a photo. Consumers can also compare the item to other brands through one of many features on the website that helps shoppers narrow down their decision and ultimately purchase a product.

Customer reviews have been instrumental in helping shoppers make decisions on which products to buy. In April of 2006, J.C. Williams Consultancy and eTailing Group conducted a study that found that 92% of the 2,472 participants said reviews are “extremely helpful” or “very helpful” in final purchasing choices.

Three main compartments of the website are designed so that users can find, compare, and decide. Through social navigation using “pros” and “cons” and other descriptions provided on the website, shoppers can narrow down their search options. Review Snapshots helps shoppers to compare the feedback of other users and through an “at-a-glance” function, shoppers can do so quickly. Finally, customers are left to decide based upon all of the information provided on Buzillions.com.

Additionally, the “Affinity Recommendations and Reviews” is another feature where shoppers can choose a group that best describes themselves and from there, view the reviews and feedback from that group.

Andy Chen, CEO of PowerReviews, said in a statement, “What’s really missing in today’s online shopping experience is the human element and interaction that people experience in stores. We are excited to bring the power of social feedback into that online experience, and help shoppers make informed decisions at each step in the product research process. The feedback from our beta testing site has been invaluable, and we believe we have a truly better way for people to shop and decide what to buy.”



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