Google Turns on Satellite TV Advertising


Google announced its first TV advertising infiltration thanks to its agreement with EchoStar, an American satellite network. The new partnership will work towards efforts to create an automated system for the buying, selling, delivering and measuring the effects of TV ads that run on EchoStar.

With 125 channels on its DISH network, EchoStar will allow Google to run auctions for advertising spots on channels like Discovery, CNN and MTV.

Former NBC executive, Mike Steib said that Google was “in active discussions” with other networks. Currently, news has been speculating that Google is moving towards purchasing DoubleClick, which Microsoft is also rumored to be in the running for.

Google’s Internet business has proven lucrative, but the television market is still a $170 billion market as opposed to the $31 billion online market, according to figures from ZenithOptimedia.
Google’s foray into the television market with its automated system will enable advertisers to bid for spots online and track a campaign in real time.


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