comScore Going Public


Marketing research company comScore has registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and proposed an initial public offering of common stock. The company keeps tabs on large amounts of web traffic and has become one of the most common sources of performance data for the online marketing industry. Clients include AOL, Yahoo and Viacom. When it was independent, comScore’s Media Metrix division was one of the first companies to begin tracking Internet use online in 1996.

According to the filing, comScore Inc. plans to become the “leading provider of global digital marketing intelligence products.”

“We plan to pursue our objective through internal initiatives and, potentially, through acquisitions and other investments.” In addition to building its customer base and keeping up with emerging online markets, comScore says it wants to “grow internationally.”

Credit Suisse Securities will be handling managing the bulk of the IPO, with help from Deutsche Bank Securities, William Blair & Company, Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co., and Jefferies & Company.

comScore has not yet determined how many shares it will offer or how much they will be.


  1. Many years ago when NPD started Media Metrix, they spun it off and decided to offer an IPO. The price went up to $75+ and tumbled down to $10+. Hopefully this time the buuble do not burst, ha ha ha.


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