24/7 Debuts Open AdStream for Mobile


Interactive ad network 24/7 Real Media today announced its Open AdStream Mobile Edition, which will enable marketers and mobile content providers to integrate mobile ads into digital marketing campaigns. Among other benefits, the new services include targeted delivery and reporting tools, as well as streamlined ad operations.

In a press statement, 24/7 Product Manager of Publisher Solutions Ali C. Mirian said, “24/7 Real Media has been serving mobile ads via its Open AdStream platform since 1999, which gives us a tremendous amount of insight into the evolving needs of mobile marketers. This has enabled us to build features and capabilities into our industry-leading ad management platform that proprietary mobile ad servers cannot match. With Open AdStream Mobile Edition, 24/7 Real Media is giving marketers true multi-channel campaign management, with one reliable, flexible and scalable platform.”

According to 24/7, Open AdStream Mobile is also easy to use with other major mobile ad protocols and allows simple additions of mobile ads to marketing campaigns. 24/7 Real Media plans to update the service in conjunction with industry evolution, including plans to develop the product with targeting parameters and advanced, integrated analytics. With this new service, though, the company claims that advertisers no longer need to go through the step-by-step process of installing, purchasing, and dealing with complications of stand-alone technology.

Oleg Vishnepolsky, 24/7 Chief Technology Officer, added, “Marketers and content providers are rushing to understand this new medium in order to deliver relevant advertising messages. We’ve seen drastic shifts in consumer behavior before; from network TV to Cable, print to online, and now online to mobile. Our job as a technology company is to stay ahead of these changes, allowing marketers to better understand and reach today’s mobile audience across all channels and devices.”


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