Viewpoint Acquires Texas Creative Agency


Internet marketing/technology firm Viewpoint Corporation today announced that it has acquired MAKOS Advertising, L.P., an Austin, Texas-based full-service creative agency. MAKOS specializes in broadcast and video advertising, branding and graphic design, and have a roster of clients that include Dell, Rodeo Austin, Sweet Success, NASCAR, and others.

MAKOS will work to serve Viewpoint’s clients better with cross-platform advertising support that includes broadcast video. Furthermore, MAKOS will provide Viewpoint with the opportunity to offer strategic marketing and creative services, campaign concepting and execution, broadcast production, and in-house digital advertising production services. Viewpoint in turn stands to gain more than 25 new marketer direct customers, while MAKOS will now additionally offer Unicast advertising and Studio 3D solutions.

Mark Turner, founder and CEO of MAKOS, states, “This acquisition will combine Viewpoint’s heritage in visualization and online premium rich media marketing with MAKOS’ creative expertise and broadcast video experience. As more marketers look to develop integrated strategies to reach their target audience through multiple mediums, we embrace the opportunity to join a company with a leadership position in the growing Internet marketing technology space.”

From the Viewpoint perspective, company CEO Patrick Vogt offers, “A key part of our strategy is to target local creative agencies that add value to our customers at every step of the interactive advertising supply chain. MAKOS provides us with new functional capabilities that we do not currently have, it accelerates our marketer direct strategy, and it presents us with local brand exposure and local reach.”


  1. Would it be possible for you to change the headline of this press release. We do business as Texas Creative (a marketing/design agency in San Antonio) also a registered trademark and your headline is causing confusion within our search engine results. It implies that Viewpoint purchased my company. Just trying to clarify so people searching for my company don’t get confused.

    Would appreciate your response to


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