VeriSign Approving Visa Mobile Commerce


Digital infrastructure company Verisign has signed a deal with Visa to support the latter company’s mobile commerce platform, which is being promoted through mobile marketing and point-of-sale campaigns.

Visa’s system allows users to get coupons and make purchases with their Visa accounts using only their mobile devices. Visa will be providing a mobile content delivery system (for things like coupons) powered by VeriSign. Meanwhile, VeriSign will let Visa corporate clients and merchants build customized mobile campaigns that incorporate the mobile payment system.

VeriSign predicts that the deal will help marketers get a better ROI on their mobile campaigns by sending offers to customers wherever they are. VeriSign powers billions of information transfers per day across voice, video and data networks.

“Consumers are driving demand for new mobile commerce services and applications. They need to be able to access information and make purchases in a secure environment anywhere and on any device,” said Brian Matthews, VeriSign’s VP of industry marketing in a statement.


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