Travelocity’s Launches FareWatcher Sidebar

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Mar 12, 2007 
Sarah Novotny  |

Travelocity has announced the launch of a desktop sidebar fare-monitoring feature, which the online travel agent claims is an industry first. The new Travelocity FareWatcher tool will notify travelers of their flight routes and price drops on pre-selected flights. The service is available to users of the Microsoft Vista operating system, which hit shelves this past January. Through a Vista Sidebar feature, users can receive their personalized flight information as updates become available.

Other perks of this service are other channels where consumers will be able to access travel content relevant to their needs faster, whether they registered with FareWatcher via email, RSS feed, or are just setting it up for the first time.

“Because our customers repeatedly tell us that FareWatcher is one of Travelocity’s most valued tools, we wanted to make it even easier for them to track deals to the destinations that truly matter to them. While we’re always working to find our members the best deals, we’re equally focused on giving them personalized information that adds real value to the entire trip experience,” said Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer for Travelocity, in a statement.

By installing Microsoft Vista and then downloading FareWatcher, users can immediately gain access to the new feature, the key selling points of which are that it will continually update itself when Travelocity finds a price decrease for pre-selected routes, highlight featured flight promotions across the site, show booking capability options, and allow for consumer feedback.

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