“Today Show” Goes Digital


NBC’s “Today” show website has been given a makeover that includes a behind-the-scenes look and an additional hour added to the three-hour show, Reuters reports.
Launched on Monday, the TodayShow.com website contains a video blog from co-host Al Roker and other content from “Today” contributors and iVillage content. Through a sister website, users can also receive an all-day web presence from the cast of the “Today” show, extending over the traditional three hours.

“Today” executive producer Jim Bell said in a statement to Reuters, “There’s a connective tissue with personalities and the broadcast. We’re using this technology to give additional information about a news story we did, a recipe that was on the show, or peeling back the curtain and taking a look inside the show behind the scenes.”

Although a part of MSNBC for over ten years, the “Today” show will receive its own spotlight via the portal, which is a first for MSNBC.com according to Randy Sterns, deputy editor of MSNBC.com.

Bell added, “We want to be with (viewers) throughout the day and continue that connection that starts in the morning and not just say at 10 o’clock, ‘See you at 7 a.m. the next morning.”

There is also a possibility for other properties to move online, including “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams,” “Meet the Press” and “Dateline NBC”, Stearns noted.


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