Revenue Science Launches Behavioral Targeting Site


In an industry that often relates behavioral targeting to spyware, behavioral advertising company Revenue Science has launched a new website to clear up any confusion. aims to define behavioral targeting and explain how it can benefit advertisers, publishers and consumers. Content comes from industry experts like Revenue Science CEO Bill Grossman and other sources around the web and includes links to news and articles from around the web, a list of industry events, and links to behavioral targeting “success stories” that show how behavioral ads have performed better than standard online ads.

“We saw that there is a need for a simple, yet informative Web site that explains both the basics and the details of targeting,” said Marla Schimke, Revenue Science’s marketing VP in a statement. “Providing a one-stop-shop for behavioral targeting information will enable everyone from advertisers to publishers, to educate themselves and ultimately lead to more, smarter behavioral targeting use and better results.”

Revenue Science plans to add an interactive section where users can ask questions, share stories, and share behavioral advertising ideas. According to Schimke, a site like this that brings behavioral targeting information together in one place will make it easier for advertisers and publishers to get involved in the industry, and eventually lead to better targeting results.


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