Pulse 360 Expands Publisher Base


Pulse 360 Incorporated has announced a new distribution agreement with Q-Phrase and Bloggerland in an effort to expand its network of publishers and distribution partners.

In a press statement Mark Josephson, president of Seevast, Pulse 360’s parent company, said, “Each week, Pulse 360 expands with new publishers. Our network continues to grow and our advertisers continue to reach more customers.”

The agreement will allow Pulse 360 to distribute content-targeted sponsored link advertisements on a new website to be launched by Q-Phrase. Within the new website, students and academics will have access to research and analysis tools that can hold a large range of Web and local content.

The Q-Phrase website will also offer collaboration features so that teamwork on group projects and event organization is possible. Notes can be posted on the website by its users on community-specific virtual bulletin boards. Pulse 360 links will have a presence on the website with their links based on topic categories.

Content-targeted sponsored link advertisements on Bloggerland, a new social networking website, will also be distributed by Pulse.


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