Nokia Enters Mobile Ad Business


Finnish mobile technology manufacturer Nokia has entered the mobile advertising business with the launch of Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Ad Connector, two ad services designed to change the way advertising is implemented on mobile devices.

The Nokia Ad Service contains both a mobile ad network and a mobile ad management platform, and is designed to handle everything from campaign planning and global deployment to reporting and optimization. Mobile ads are typically found alongside web content, but Nokai also wants its ad channel to serve ads alongside mobile applications and video.

Meanwhile, the Nokia Ad Connector allows existing publishers and advertising networks to plug in their existing ad services to the Nokia Ad Service network, and can extend the reach of standard online text, image, and multimedia ads to mobile devices. The service can intelligently match up third-party advertising content with appropriate types of mobile activities. So the right ads will appear next to different types of mobile applications.

Connector also supports a cost-per-action payment model and includes analytics.

“As advertisers struggle to reach personalized targeting with traditional media such as print and TV, mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly attractive channel for brands,” said Tom Henriksson, director of Nokia’s new Ad Service unit in a statement. “We have completed a number of pilot campaigns with advertisers and mobile publishers for testing the Nokia ad serving technology and consumer experience. The feedback has been very positive from all parties.”

The European version of the Nokia Ad Service launched this week at the ad:tech interactive marketing conference in Paris. Nokia is will be testing Ad Connector over the next few months, and it is expected to go live in late 2007.


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