Next Stop: Hyper-Local Advertising

717, a website that gives directions using mass transit systems in cities like New York, Boston and Chicago, has announced a new “hyper-local” advertising platform that promises to make online advertising accessible to small local businesses.

With AdLocal, small business owners simply log on to a special page on and can start buying localized ads for as little as $30. Advertisers can select a location for the ad and the distance around that location they want to target. HopStop recommends targeting a business’s location, competitor locations, and locations frequented by potential customers.

Once they’ve targeted their campaign, advertisers simply follow the on-screen instructions to create an online ad or coupon. Advertisers can upload images, customize the ad’s appearance, and include a physical address and website URL. The system is entirely self-serve.

“Small businesses care about location but yet very few online advertising platforms are geared toward the very specific hyper- local needs of local merchants,” said HopStop CEO Chinedu Echeruo in a statement. “We’ve already seen significant interest in HopStop AdLocal by small businesses in just a few days after the beta launch of the product.”

HopStop already serves at least six cities and plans to add ten more by the end of this year.


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