NBC Boosting Online Video Presence with Content Deals


Sports Illustrated and NBCSports.com have come together to share video, news and photography content on their respective websites. Launched just this past weekend, the joint venture entails high-speed Internet video segments produced by NBCSports.com that will appear on the Sports Illustrated’s SI.com website.

In return, SI.com will direct users back towards NBCSports.com broadband segments, which include breaking news, short video, post-game interviews, and sports update segments on weekends.

“Both sites will point to the other site’s content,” said Sports Illustrated spokesman Rick McCabe in a statement to Reuters. “If you’re on SI.com, and there is an appropriate piece of video that we’re aware of, something that would tailor well, it would be set up as a link to that story from SI.com.”

Financial terms were not disclosed at press time.

Additionally, in an effort to establish a platform similar to that of Google/YouTube, NBC has hooked up with artist-driven interactive media firm VMIX, the latter of which has launched a customized online NBC channel today.

The VMIX-enabled portal, which will be controlled by NBC Universal Television, will offer popular content from shows like 30 Rock, Heroes, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Scrubs and My Name Is Earl.

Greg Kostello, CEO and founder of VMIX Media said in a statement, “We are very excited to add the NBC channel to the VMIX.com community and to provide NBC with additional ways to interactively share their content, engage with viewers, and extend their online community. The addition of the NBC Channel to our fast expanding content lineup further extends our commitment to delivering original and premium content online for everyone.”


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