MIVA Locks PPC Agreement with Conde Nast Interactive UK


MIVA today announced a new pay-per-click content deal with the UK division of Condé Nast Interactive, edging out the likes of Yahoo! Search Marketing and PPC mainstay Google in locking the agreement.

As a result, all 12 UK Conde Nast websites will be serviced by MIVA, which will provide PPC ads to sites lincluding Vogue.com, GQ.com, Glamourmagazine.com, CNtraveller.co.uk, Tatler.co.uk, and Vanityfair.co.uk. The agreement allows for 6 pay-per-click ads across the 12 sites, which will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Using MIVA’s PCMS tool, advertiser logos and ads will be targeted for the proper demographic with relevant content.

Though the MIVA Mail technology, 500,000 opt-in emails sent on a consistent basis will also host the MIVA ads. This tool enables the latest ads in the MIVA network to appear no matter when emails are opened.

“”Our core objective is to continue to build and maintain equity for our individual online titles, and revenue was just one of the factors that influenced our decision in which Pay-Per-Click partner to appoint. We felt that MIVA with its expertise in delivering content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads was the partner best placed to deliver substantial revenue for us, but most importantly, ensure that only totally relevant ads are displayed on our sites,”” said Serena Privett, Commercial Director, Condé Nast Interactive.

MIVAÂ’ President and CMO Seb Bishop added, ““Condé Nast Interactive has a prestigious portfolio of sites that reach an extremely targeted cross-section of web users across key verticals. This new agreement provides a fantastic opportunity for our advertisers to reach these audiences and ties in with our strategy of delivering high-quality vertical traffic.””

Condé Nast will also comprise a portion of the MIVA MC Managed network, the company’s in-house PPC network designed for large online publishers that offers ongoing account management and optimization services, along with custom PPC implementation.


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