Medio Opens Mobile Ad Network


Medio Systems, a company that provides mobile search technology, has launched a new mobile, search-based ad network to debut on the pay-as-you-go Amp’d Mobile network.

Amp’d has been using Medio’s ad-powered software for mobile web searches since February, but Medio’s new pay-per-call-based system will track user behavior and click-through history to target ads. “Pay Per Call is aligned with our vision because it surfaces specific content — in this case, the phone number of a relevant merchant, like a taxi or locksmith service — and gives the mobile consumer immediate access to that advertiser with a click of a button, no cell-phone Web surfing required,” said Omar Tawakol, Medio’s chief advertising officer in a statement.

Medio is focused on providing search ads, but the network will also include mobile website banners. Revenue will be shared both with the mobile carrier and with a website’s publisher.

The company has enlisted former MSN national sales director Gary Bembridge to lead the project. Medio says it will announce more details, including advertising partners, in the next three months.

Verizon and T-Mobile also use Medio’s search service, which can be independently re-branded to reflect the carrier. Competition includes Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, who have recently entered the mobile arena.


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