JumpTV, Joost Bring “Ethnicity” to the Web


JumpTV, which offers “ethnic” programming on the Internet, has announced a deal with online video service Joost. The deal, announced today, will enable users to view some of JumpTV’s content online and for free through Joost.

The Canadian-based JumpTV boasts 270 channels of TV programs from 70 countries across the world, including Pakistan, Korea, Albania, and Bahrain. Joost, created by the founders of Skype, has leveraged its peer-to-peer sharing technology and ad supported internet TV network to already land deals with powerhouses like Viacom, which has given it traction in the industry. According to Reuters, more deals are expected to come in the next few weeks.

But in regards to this current partnership, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, JumpTV’s president/CEO, said, “Given the track record of the Joost founders, we believe that the Joost platform could be as transformational for online television as their previous ventures have been.”

As of immediately, JumpTV will launch with Spanish-language content from countries like Colombia, Chile and Peru, and will also launch an Arabic-language comedy. Other JumpTV channels in several other languages are set to be launched on Joost as well, including Romanian, Turkish, Russian, and Bengali.


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