Internap Merges VitalStream Ads


The Internap Network Services Corporation, a company that provides hosting and collocation services for businesses like Nasdaq, Time Warner, and Travelocity, has added support for streaming video ads delivered by VitalStream.

Last year, Internap announced that it would be purchasing VitalStream for around $217 million. The addition of VitalStream Advertising and Media Services to Internap’s Private Network Access Points (P-NAP) means that full integration of the two networks is almost complete.

“The addition of application layer offerings such as this to Internap’s high performance route management network is a direct response to our customer’s requests,” said Internap CTO Tim P. Sullivan in a statement. “This is an early example of the value that the combined technologies of Internap and VitalStream will bring to the marketplace.”

The P-NAP system prevents web outages and reduces server strain by mirroring website content and managing traffic among many different servers distributed around the world. Internap has a 100% uptime guarantee and by integrating the VitalStream system, it extends that guarantee to VitalStream users like Citadel and Univision.

As Internap adds more of VitalStream’s services to P-NAP, VitalStream customers will also be able to access Internap’s round-the-clock support network.



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