iLoop Unveils mFinity


iLoop Mobile today announced the release of mFinity, a new mobile platform. The mobile technology company, which works with interactive, text message-based mobile marketing and mobile content distribution, launched the new service in the hopes of reducing complications involved with mobile marketing.

What mFinity does offer is a platform to create, connect and control mobile SMS (text-based) enabling marketers and brands to create and manage mobile initiatives that directly coincide with their target consumer audiences. Through an ASP software license, mFinity can be accessed after logging in.

“The PC Web has become ubiquitous, but mobile Internet sites (WAP) have an even greater potential in terms of marketing reach. PCs don’t leave their desks and laptops can be left at home, but mobile phones are an always-on, direct and powerful way to reach consumers,” said Paran Johar, managing director, MRM Worldwide, Los Angeles.
“Previous mobile marketing solutions required the purchase and deployment of multiple technologies in order to create connect and control a mobile campaign. The iLoop Mobile mFinity platform is a complete hardware and software solution that can be hosted in-house. In addition, it is so easy to use that our staff members did not require technical training and can present ‘mock’ campaigns to clients in a matter of minutes.”

Not only can users create and manage their initiatives but the new service also hosts the following features: Texture, which enables a wide variety of SMS services, Cascade connectivity to wireless carrier networks via mobile aggregator service, Constellation, a content management system, and Resonance, which allows wallpapers, ringtones, games, music, videos and other content to be sold.

Steve Koskie, CEO of iLoop Mobile, stated, “Previously, companies that launched mobile initiatives, in most cases, required a multitude of technology partners and weeks of ramp-up to start using their services or campaigns. With the launch of the iLoop Mobile mFinity mobile platform, brands, marketers, content owners and enterprises can reach mobile users via SMS, Web, mobile Internet sites and other mobile technologies with one solution, regardless of what mobile phone the consumer uses.”


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