Google Confirms Adscape Acquisition


This weekend, Google confirmed its acquisition of in-game advertising company Adscape Media, which will add a whole new playing field for the Internet giant.

Rumors have been flying since January when the Wall Street Journal reported that Google was talking with Adscape about a possible acquisition. The Journal speculated that Adscape could go for about $200 million, the amount Microsoft paid when it purchased in-game advertising company Massive, Inc. In February, the business and technology website Red Herring reported that Google would be purchasing Adscape for a much more modest $23 million.

Google has confirmed the acquisition with a post on the Official Google Blog from Adscape Media chairman and game industry veteran Bernie Stolar. “Our charge at Adscape has always been to honor the game that was developed and find new ways to enable that game to continue so others can enjoy it. That’s why we are so stoked to join Google—because these guys get it, and are committed to helping us continue our mission,” wrote Stolar. Neither Google nor Stolar have revealed exactly how much Google will be paying for Adscape.

According to an Adscape FAQ, Adscape’s technology is compatible with Google’s, but the company is not revealing how the two platforms will fit together. Adscape will be aiming at both large and small game publishers.


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