What they do: Just as the website name says, is about all things free in New York. As New York grows and becomes pricier by the day, this website aims to keep all of New Yorkers in-the-know when it comes to moderate priced or free events. For those who come to New York and struggle and for those who are just flat broke, FreeNYC is a crème de la crème source. Uncontested, the website provides information on everything from gallery openings, art shows, nightlife, concerts, festivals, restaurant offerings and more.

Put together by New Yorkers who were looking to have a great time without the hefty bill, the site has grown quickly and includes a newsletter and RSS feed. Information on consists of a wide range of interests with one common denominator…it’s either free or near free. Whether its hip-hop, jazz, art, activism, pop, or alcohol, readers find culture and information to keep their weeks free and easy here at FreeNYC.

Why You Should Buy
: FreeNYC is not just an average website that lists events; it lists free events which draws everyone in. Also, the website also reports a 500% growth within the past year, and is looked at as a survival tool for many of its readers. The website currently caters to 40,000 monthly viewers with a total ad impression of 250,000 per month. Subscribers for this New York only source is at 5,150 but with the rate of consistent growth, FreeNYC subscribers will continue to grow, especially as New York becomes more expensive.

With a 40% male audience and a 60% female audience, the website encompasses both genders and a many target age ranges as well. 21% of readers are 18-21, 67% are 21-35 and 12% are 35 and over. As fast as FreeNYC is growing and with as many New Yorkers and even non-New Yorkers taking a liking to the site, it may be ideal to reach this audience now.

Format/how much: Only a couple of ad formats are supported with FreeNYC, they are:

Rectangle Ads 300×350 $15 CPM
Top Banner Ads 468×60 $25 CPM
Newsletter rates are also available by contacting Christopher Lehault at


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