Fox Affiliate Sites to Offer Primetime Downloads


According to Reuters, Fox Broadcasting Co will be allowing the websites of over 200 of its affiliate stations to offer select primetime series for download-to-own, further expanding the Fox on Demand initiative.

The plan was solidified on Wednesday between Fox’s affiliate board of governors, Fox Interactive Media, and 20th Century Fox Film Corp. In October, the Fox network allowed streaming of ad-supported episodes on, Myspace and only 24 owned-and-operated stations. With this announcement, both streaming and downloading will be possible with an undisclosed revenue share between the stations and Fox News Corp.

Users will also be able to purchase single episodes or entire seasons of shows like “24” through its platform and computer or portable devices. Single episodes, which can be downloaded the day after their premiere, will debut at $1.99, while entire seasons are priced beginning at $19.99.

Ron Berryman, senior VP and GM of Fox Interactive Media Stations Group, said, “Times are changing, and from our perspective the business is being developed across the Internet, and we’re taking a look at all the opportunities. We’re testing distribution models out as everyone else is.”

Calling the platform “video-centric,” Berryman also noted, “It’s not just traditional prerolls or display ads. We’re getting into contextual ad delivery and search ad delivery.”


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