What they do: Although new to the online scene, is already known for being all about fashion. The tagline ‘Style like you mean it’ is descriptive of this fashion forward website’s content. The fashion tabloid covers more than just a look, personalities, companies, events and trends that shape the industry and fashion culture at large is the bulk of the content. From the runway to the street, this website has the fashion industry covered. Content includes men’s fashion along with high-end fashion, industry parties and exclusive information on everything that encompasses the fashion world on a global level.

Published by founding Gawker editor and former EiC Elizabeth Spiers, with Faran Krentcil serving as the Editor, the website launched just 6 weeks ago and has already been touted as a reputable online fashion source. Formatted as a blog, the website contains several areas, which include Streetwalker, News, Trendspotting, People are Talking and Is the New- to name a few.

Why You Should Buy
: In only 6 weeks, has infiltrated the fashion industry and gained a range of readers that include a range men and women. Not just industry buffs read, anyone curious about the fashion world, looking for gossip or the latest trends before they hit the streets and more have taken a look at the informative website. With an easy to navigate website and constantly updated sections, has plenty to offer. Content ranges from new fashion ad campaigns to what local trendsetters are wearing on the streets are only some of the content readers look towards.

One of four websites in the Dead Horse Media Network, is set to grow strong, and although currently conducting research that will document its demographics and readership, has already received acclaim from the fashion industry. Readers look to for exclusive information and for this reason readers trust and hold the website in high regard. Look for specific updates to the online media kit which can be retrieved by going to

Format/how much: Four options, all user-initiated on click, with animation lengths of 15 seconds, are offered to advertisers on Details are below, with sizes and CPMs included.
Leaderboard- 728×90 $30

Boc/MPU- 336×280 $40

Skyscraper- 160×600 $30

Button – 125×125 $10

: David Minkin at or by dialing 212.625.5429.


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